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Word Message, or “Alpha-Numeric” pagers work great for the busy person on the go!  Rather than receive just a phone number, with no indication of its importance, you can receive a.netplete text message that scrolls across your pager display.  It will also receive the standard telephone number to call if the person does not have access to NotePager Pro features.

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Unication Alpha Gold
Alphanumeric Pager

The Unication alphanumeric pager supports exciting capabilities in messaging and can b.nete an animate part of your business area and personal life. The incorporated powerful functionality and advanced electronic.netmunication and wireless technologies will bring your life into a convenient messaging field. Features: 4 lines of text and 20 alpha characters per line, 4 lines to 2 lines zoom display, Optimax Electra Light Display and EL automatic turn on, clear time of day and date display, PPS option, built-in alarm clock, user selectable alerts including; vibrating, standard, chirping, seven different pleasing or no alert (silent), reminder alert of unread message, graphic battery gauge indicator, memory full indicator, 32KB character message memory capacity, selective erase/ erase all feature, saves messages when off or changing the battery, important massages lock, message time and date stamping.



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Alphanumeric Pager

Synthesized POCSAG 4-line alphanumeric pager.
Features: 4-line alphanumeric display, up to 40 inbox message slots, up to 24 info slots, time and date display, time and date stamping, unread message reminder alert, protect up to 20 inbox, 20 saved messages, 5 history records in info, info alert - individual slot control, battery level indicator, out-of-range indicator, EL back light, memory retention, 1 daily alarm, vibrate/ 8 pleasing/ vibrate then audible/ no alert, 3-speed page scrolling, zoom in from 4-line to 2-line display, adjustable LCD contrast (0-7 level), low cell reminder, priority call, 4 selectable alert durations; 8sec/16sec/40sec/continuous (PPS option), 3 selectable alert modes; All alert, audio only, vibrate/sleep (PPS option), and tone message (PPS option).



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Motorola Advisor Gold™
Alphanumeric Pager

Business professionals on the go will find the Motorola Advisor Gold invaluable. Its advanced functionality and large memory capacity mean people can exchange increasing amounts of information, particularly for information services such as news, weather, sports and stock quotes. The Advisor Gold's phenomenal 30,000 total character message memory can hold the equivalent of 30 double-spaced pages of text. Its 31 text and numeric message slots include storage for personal messages, notebook messages and information services. Individual messages can be approximately 300 words long. The pager's personal notebook is a special area of memory for storage for important messages. When messages are received, the Advisor Gold alerts the user with either one of eight pleasing musical alerts or a silent vibration. Messages are easily viewed on a four-line high-contrast display screen, which features automatic backlighting for easy viewing even in poor lighting. Unique to the Advisor Gold is the message alarm feature. With this feature the user can convert any personal message to an alarm. The message will alert and re-display at the specific time set by the user.



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Motorola Advisor Elite™
Nationwide Alphanumeric Pager

The Motorola Advisor Elite pager is best for people looking to upgrade from a pager with a one-line scrolling display. The Advisor Elite has a four-line backlit LCD that can be switched to two lines for larger characters. Powered by a single AA battery, the Elite has vibrating and ringing alerts that can also be used for one-time or daily reminders. To prevent disruptions during regular meetings or lunch hours, a daily private time can be programmed, which prevents pages from.neting through during times you specify. The Elite also has a notebook area for personal messages and can receive information services (such as sports, entertainment, and news updates). Wherever the data originates from, the memory can hold up to 34 messages (or 30,000 characters). This is a favorite pager of our customers because of its the large easy-to-read screen and simple design. NOTE: This pager is only available to those customers on our Nationwide Paging System.



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Motorola Advisor™
Alphanumeric Pager

The Motorola Advisor does more than just receive and store messages. It is your.netplete personal information ADVISOR! Keeping up with your hectic schedule is a breeze with the Advisor calendar, which shows the time and date right on the display. The Advisor clock alarm can remind you of meetings and engagements. Easy access to your most important messages and information is provided with the Advisor Personal Message Filing system. Protect your important messages by locking them into memory and discard messages that are no longer needed. The length and volume of the pager's alert can easily be adjusted to meet your individual and changing environments. And, of course…your Advisor remembers everything even when you turn your pager off. The time, date, alarm, alert settings and message information will remain intact until you choose to change it. User-friendly symbols, prompts, and controls lead you through the pager's operations with minimal effort. At a glance, you can see whether your pager is on, how you will be alerted and whether you have messages waiting to be read. When it's time to change the battery, the Advisor will discreetly let you know. The Advisor Message Receiver will help you get the information you need, when you need it. The Advisor is right for you.



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Motorola Memo Express™
Alphanumeric Pager

The Motorola Memo Express is a small, stylish, alphanumeric pager packed with useful features. For simple text messaging, Memo Express features one continuous line display with scrolling text messages of up to 120 characters per message. Up to 15 message slots can be stored in the pager's memory. The Memo Express has the capacity to receive sports results, news bulletins, traffic alerts and even music charts as part of their packages. Be in the know with Memo Express.




Motorola's entry devices are.netpatible with any analog telephone system. For multiple and group paging.


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 AlphaMate™ 2 User Manual
Motorola AlphaMate™ 
Message Entry Device

The Motorola AlphaMate is a stand-alone typewriter keyboard and display screen that connects to a standard phone line through its internal modem. Designed for a medium to high volume alphanumeric paging applications, it batches calls for faster system throughout. With AlphaMate you can send a message to any alphanumeric pager, without going through a dispatch service.



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Motorola WordTrek Plus™
Message Entry Device

The Motorola WordTrek Plus is feature rich! Designed for the small to medium business applications, coworkers can send you a 240 character message quickly, accurately, and reliably. The Pager Directory allows you to be in touch with up to 50 coworkers. With Group Paging capability, you can send the same message to 12 different people in each of the 8 groups. What a terrific feature for sales teams!!! The real time clock lets you pre-program a RemindPageTM. For example, every Tuesday a message stating, "Staff meeting @ 3:00PM" could be sent to your pager just so you don't forget.



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Motorola WordSender™
Message Entry Device

The Motorola WordSender is a first-of-its-kind telephone and keyboard device that allows users to input and send text and numeric messages over telephone lines. The WordSender, which resembles a high-tech telephone with an attached keyboard, enhances the way alphanumeric messages are dispatched. By.netbining a text and numeric entry device with a multi-function telephone, the unit allows families and small businesses to send pager messages without the assistance of a special operator. To dispatch a message via the WordSender, a user first types the message on the unit's built-in standard typewriter keyboard. As it is typed, the message appears on an easy-to-read two-line by 24-character per line display. The user then simply specifies the intended recipient, presses the keyboard's "SEND" key and the message is sent. Anyone who can use a typewriter, even the "hunt and peck" method, can use the WordSender. No training is necessary, and no special telephone services or connections are needed; the unit simply plugs into a standard telephone jack and outlet. In fact, WordSender can also be used as a regular telephone. A variety of help screens and prompts guide users through all functions, making the WordSender extremely easy to use. A number of other convenience features are incorporated into the unit as well. For instance, a.netbined telephone and pager number directory makes calling or paging friends or business associates as easy as typing a name. A handy directory-search function further simplifies the process. WordSender's easy to use help screens provide instant guidance. Telephone features such as speed dialing and last number redial make calling someone's pager fast and easy. A battery backup guards against loss of information during power failure. Other notable WordSender attributes include a three-level handset volume control and telephone call timer.




Afton's web site allows Email messages to be sent to alphanumeric pagers via Afton's Internet Gateway.  Internet paging has lowered the barriers to using alphanumeric paging by making it easier to send messages.  Internet paging is the best way to send instant information.  Currently, this service carries no additional billing for an alphanumeric account.
Click on SEND A PAGE on the top-line menu!


NotePager Pro
Internet Paging Software

NotePager Pro is an easy-to-use alphanumeric paging dispatch software. It allows text messages to be sent to single or multiple pagers or paging devices from your.netputer. This convenient software offers features such as, group paging, preprogrammed messages, scheduled paging, and an unlimited number of users supported! Check out NotePager's website: for more information on this practical software application.




The numeric pager is Afton's most popular pager!  It's very affordable and user-friendly.  The caller enters a phone number where they can be reached, and within seconds, the number is transferred to your pager.


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Top mount synthesized POCSAG numeric pager.
Features: Up to 18 personal memory slots, protect up to 10 messages, individual message delete or delete all, backlight, private time, daily alarm, time and date display, time and date message stamping, alert types: melody, chirp, vibration, vibration-chirp, silent, battery low indicator, out-of-range indicator and alert, unread message reminder alert, duplicate message indication, error message indication, memory full indication, and memory retention.



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Motorola LS355
Numeric Pager

This easy-to-carry pager has a host of advanced features that helps users stay in touch. There are 16 message slots, with 6 individual addresses. Messages are time stamped, and can be erased selectively or all at once. There's memory backup, a message full indicator, silent vibration, and a large backlit display for superb readability.


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Motorola Bravo LX™
Numeric Pager

In today's world, you can't afford to be out of touch, not even briefly. The Motorola Bravo LX is a powerful tool that busy people use to stay in contact. Whether it's business associates, customers, friends or family members that need to reach you, Bravo LX gives you the freedom to stay on the go and the convenience of being available at all times. That's no longer a luxury - it's a necessity. The Bravo LX is a numeric pager designed to meet the needs of active professionals, with sixteen-message memories and extensive easy-to-use message-handling features. Users can store up to 16 numeric messages, and automatic message time-stamping records when messages are received. Important messages can be locked into memory and messages are saved when the pager is turned off or when the battery is being replaced. Selective erase enables users to eliminate some messages while saving others. Equipped with an easy-to-read top-mount backlit display, the Bravo LX shows time and date when not showing messages. An easy-to-set built-in alarm clock reminds users of important events. A "low battery" alert warns when power is low. To suit their individual lifestyles, users can easily select the manner in which they are alerted, choosing from five pleasing musical alerts or silent vibration.



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Motorola LS 350™
Numeric Pager

Motorola's LS 350 is designed for the first-time pager user who wants an entry-level "hip" pager to stay in touch with friends and family. This numeric pager offers many enhanced features, including: 30 message slots, the ability to save messages when changing the battery, a smart alarm, time and date on standby, selective erase, and three musical alerts. In addition, the LS 350 has silent vibration, message time-stamping, the ability to lock messages and an easy-to-read backlit display.



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Motorola BR850™
Nationwide Word Message Pager

The Motorola BR850 is a dynamic.netmunications tool - it is small in size, with a refined business casual styling, easy to use and offers a powerful range of enhanced features that are particularly useful for busy professionals who depend on their pagers to juggle demanding work and social schedules. The BR850's new and enhanced functions mean paging flexibility and freedom for the business professional. The unit's greatly expanded message management capabilities include a memory capacity of up to 60 messages. Messages can be locked into memory to protect information users wish to save. Equipped with three smart alarms, the pager can alert on a one-time, daily or weekly basis to help business professionals keep track of client meetings and deadlines. Other useful functions include the unit's new Urgent Messaging feature, which enables the sender to tag a message as Urgent. And to help streamline daily.netmunications, the QuickNotesTM feature offers five pre-programmed, frequently used messages such as Call Office or Running Late that can be displayed as text. Additional organizing functions include time and date stamping to notify users when a page is received, and a selective Erase/Erase All feature. The BR850 will save all messages when the pager is turned off or the battery is being changed. When messages are received, BR850 has a wide range of selectable alerts including seven pleasing musical tones, chirp, vibration and no alert. A Volume Control feature allows the user to choose from low, medium and high audible alert volume levels. In addition, the Private Time feature permits users to turn off all pager alerts at pre-selected times and still receive messages. Private Time means that busy professionals can still get their messages during evening hours or at other private times without being disturbed. NOTE: This pager is only available to those customers on our Nationwide Paging System.





 User Manual
Motorola Bravo Classic™
Numeric Pager

The Motorola Bravo line of pagers was introduced in the '80s and has been the pager line of choice for millions of consumers. Today, our lifestyles are more demanding and our.netmunications needs are greater than ever before. We at Afton understand your changing lifestyle needs, so we're offering the Motorola Bravo Classic pager. This classic has enhanced features, such as 16 message slots, message time stamping, time of day, silent & audible message alerts, and a selective erase.…Because Classics never go out of style.




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