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Word Message, or “Alphanumeric” pagers work great for the busy person on the go! Rather than receive just a phone number, with no indication of its importance, you can receive a text message that displays on your pager. It will also receive the standard telephone number to call if the sender uses the telephone to leave a number.  


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Unication Alpha Legend Secure
Alphanumeric Pager

The Unication Alpha Legend Secure is a POCSAG, 4-Line Alphanumeric Pager is operational in the VHF, UHF, or 900 MHz frequency ranges.  The fully synthesized and rugged Alpha Legend Secure offers 8 addresses and 32 sub-addresses. On/Off Duty has been included to satisfy requests for the public safety market. The Legend Secure can store up to 19 personal messages, 10 of which can e locked in memory if desired.  The Legend Secure includes a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. Features include 4-Line Display or Zoom to 2-Line, 16 Cap Codes, 6 Alerting Modes,16 Programmable Alert Tone Sequences, Graphic Battery Level Indication,  encryption capable pages for  secrecy of your messages



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Alphanumeric Pager

Synthesized POCSAG 4-line alphanumeric pager.
Features: 4-line alphanumeric display, up to 40 inbox message slots, up to 24 info slots, time and date display, time and date stamping, unread message reminder alert, protect up to 20 inbox, 20 saved messages, 5 history records in info, info alert - individual slot control, battery level indicator, out-of-range indicator, EL back light, memory retention, 1 daily alarm, vibrate/ 8 pleasing/ vibrate then audible/ no alert, 3-speed page scrolling, zoom in from 4-line to 2-line display, adjustable LCD contrast (0-7 level), low cell reminder, priority call, 4 selectable alert durations; 8sec/16sec/40sec/continuous (PPS option), 3 selectable alert modes; All alert, audio only, vibrate/sleep (PPS option), and tone message (PPS option).



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Motorola Advisor Gold™
Alphanumeric Pager

Business professionals on the go will find the Motorola Advisor Gold invaluable. Its advanced functionality and large memory capacity mean people can exchange increasing amounts of information, particularly for information services such as news, weather, sports and stock quotes. The Advisor Gold's phenomenal 30,000 total character message memory can hold the equivalent of 30 double-spaced pages of text. Its 31 text and numeric message slots include storage for personal messages, notebook messages and information services. Individual messages can be approximately 300 words long. The pager's personal notebook is a special area of memory for storage for important messages. When messages are received, the Advisor Gold alerts the user with either one of eight pleasing musical alerts or a silent vibration. Messages are easily viewed on a four-line high-contrast display screen, which features automatic backlighting for easy viewing even in poor lighting. Unique to the Advisor Gold is the message alarm feature. With this feature the user can convert any personal message to an alarm. The message will alert and re-display at the specific time set by the user.


Motorola's entry devices are.netpatible with any analog telephone system. For multiple and group paging.


 AlphaMate™ User Manual

 AlphaMate™ 2 User Manual
Motorola AlphaMate™ 
Message Entry Device

The Motorola AlphaMate is a stand-alone typewriter keyboard and display screen that connects to a standard phone line through its internal modem. Designed for a medium to high volume alphanumeric paging applications, it batches calls for faster system throughout. With AlphaMate you can send a message to any alphanumeric pager, without going through a dispatch service.


Afton's web site allows Email messages to be sent to alphanumeric pagers via Afton's Internet Gateway.  Internet paging has lowered the barriers to using alphanumeric paging by making it easier to send messages.  Internet paging is the best way to send instant information.  Currently, this service carries no additional billing for an alphanumeric account.
Click on SEND A PAGE on the top-line menu!



The numeric pager is Afton's most popular pager!  It's very affordable and user-friendly.  The caller enters a phone number where they can be reached, and within seconds, the number is transferred to your pager.


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Motorola Bravo Classic™
Numeric Pager

The Motorola Bravo line of pagers was introduced in the '80s and has been the pager line of choice for millions of consumers. Today, our lifestyles are more demanding and our.netmunications needs are greater than ever before. We at Afton understand your changing lifestyle needs, so we're offering the Motorola Bravo Classic pager. This classic has enhanced features, such as 16 message slots, message time stamping, time of day, silent & audible message alerts, and a selective erase.…Because Classics never go out of style.



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