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  Afton Communications is proud to present 8 fabulous features. These service options are sure to fulfill your paging needs!

Which feature do you need???

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Security Code
Announcement Mode
Group Call
Custom Voice Greeting
Priority Page
Notify Mode
Repeat Page

Security Code - This feature is ideal for an emergency response team, where you absolutely do not want any false alarm pages. When sending a page, a 4-digit passcode must be keyed in by the caller before the page is sent.

PagePromise - Clients that are "on the go" in moving vehicles or in fringe reception areas will find this feature invaluable. This "insured paging mode" saves tone and voice or numeric display paging messages after transmissions. If a voice page is not understandable, or a data error occurs in a display page, or if a page is missed .netpletely, a user can call his pager number and retrieve missed pages.

Announcement Mode - This mode is useful when you are unavailable for extended periods of time. It allows a personalized "announcement" to be played to callers when they dial your pager. There is no message storage on delivery to the pager with this feature.

Priority Page - Priority page allows time critical pages to.nete through over other, less important pages. Priority pages are categorized into three different classifications: regular (waits its turn), express (next in line) and critical (instant out).

Pager Group Call - Pager group call alerts all pagers in a group at the same time. This is another ideal feature for emergency response teams who will find this type of simultaneous alert system an invaluable time-saver.

Notify Mode - Notification with mailbox is voice storage and retrieval with radio paging. Whenever a caller deposits a message in your voicemail box by dialing your pager number, you are notified by a page that a message is waiting. This alert repeats every 15 minutes for 2 hours or until you retrieve the message. Each notification page alerts the user to the number of pages in the mailbox and the number of hours of the oldest message. Users retrieving messages may even request the time of the message with the push of a button. The time and date are spoken in a natural sounding human voice. A nice touch is that dates are spoken as "today" and "yesterday".

Custom Voice Greeting - Small business owners will love this "personal touch" feature! This feature allows a pager user to record their own personal greeting for those dialing their pager.

Repeat Page - Repeat Page is also ideal for subscribers who move around a lot in the fringe areas of our coverage areas. In this operation, your pages are repeated a second time five minutes after the initial page.

Afton hopes that you will be able to find a feature, or two, that suits your needs. If you need more information on these features or any other service that Afton provides, please contact one of our paging professionals. 

Word Message Pagers Numeric Pagers Entry Devices Afton's Internet Gateway Pager Options

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