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Located in the mountains of Southwestern Virginia, Afton Communications Corporation is the region’s largest paging company.  Afton operates two premier wireless one-way paging systems in the VHF radio band.  The first originates in the far southwest portion of Virginia.  The other originates in Roanoke, Virginia.  These two systems are referred to as the Southwest System and the Roanoke System, respectively.

Through an arrangement with other paging systems, Afton can extend coverage throughout most of Virginia, Southern West Virginia, Eastern Kentucky and the United States. For detailed maps please view our Coverage Maps section. 

In addition to its unmatched coverage areas, Afton offers many other “exclusive” services:

      Individualized toll-free numbers to access our paging system.

      Unlimited use at no extra charge.

      Toll-free access to your pager from anyone, from anywhere, in the United States and Canada!

      Text messaging to alphanumeric pagers, at no additional charge, via e-mail or our web site.

Founded in 1979, Afton Communications Corporation has always strived to provide its customers with the best paging service possible.  Our wireless equipment is the latest in technology and we are constantly upgrading and adding additional paging repeater stations to improve our service.  For example, our Southwest System currently consists of more than 80 transmitters – many more than any other company in our area!

We appreciate our customer’s support and welcome their comments and suggestions.  Through continued good, reliable service, Afton strives to maintain our reputation for having the premier paging system in our area.  For more specific coverage information, or to start your paging service, simply contact the paging professional at Afton Communications Corporation.

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Afton Communications Corp
5352 Cloverdale Road,  Roanoke, VA 24019